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    We’re working on a rolling pin and a baseball bat & ball at the moment, those will be really cool for your local zombies. Also, we’ve heard about the scythe idea from a few fans, we’re going to try to do something with that! Send us pictures of your favorite home-weapons if you can!

    Silvester commented  · 

    I'm in the SCA and we recently tried to do a tavern brawl for rapier fighters at an event; unfortunately it didn't happen due to exhaustion from a prevision activity... :-(

    Our plan was to wrap sleeping bags in duck tape for kegs and have available other "tavern" type props - your wine bottles are perfect!!

    I would like to see wood and pewter plates and mugs, oil lamps, candle lanterns, table legs, pottery jugs, casks, etc.... Just all of the stuff you imagine when you think of a tavern brawl; much of it could double up for western themes or even modern era events.

    PIES!!!! custard pie fights with no mess and no ruined costumes!!!

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