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Create a New Scimitar.

I love Calimacil but it seems that they use the same blade for both the falchion, and the scimitar. (The only Calimacil difference is a pattern on the blade.) Historically these were completely different weapons. The falchion was used as a cleaver, to hack deep into flesh and bone, while the scimitar had a much more curved and fine blade. A blade used for slashing; the curve of the blade allowed the cuts to be very long and vicious making this a incredibly deadly weapon. But when a player wields a Calimacil scimitar they really may as well be wielding a falchion.

I purpose we change this and create a true scimitar design. The total length of the sword should be around 37 inches long. With a 28 inch blade colored a dark steel color, it will be a blade of the night. This sword's hilt will be painted a glorious silver and a magnificent midnight blue. This will make the sword perfect for many assassin, mage, or fighter, characters. It will work especially well for a dark elf.
If you would one day like to wield this sword to slay all who stand in your way, vote here.

Basic story: (Calimacil feel free to change this if you like.)
"Vijitha tenderly removed his blade from the belly of his latest victim-a dark elf still holding a look of suprise upon his dying face. As he slid the blade out, the elf's eyes rolled heavenward and his body slid to to the ground, his last breath escaping his body. Vijitha smiled. He loved this part of the job, getting the kill and receiving payment."

"Vijitha tore a piece of cloth from the dark elf's tunic, its body slumped in an awkward, unnatural position. He began to clean the gore from his blade and with each stroke of the cloth he revealed more of the dark gray steel. The tiny runes, running the length of the blade, glowed a very light white which reminded Vijitha of the stars in the black of the sky. His sword was truly a masterwork, forged by the greatest of blacksmiths during the fourth age of the world nearly two hundred years ago. Vijitha not only loved he sword, but he also loved the name of his blade. Nercallis, Bloom of the Black Desert."

If you like my idea or my short story please let me know. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  • Calrissian Remort commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey I noticed the same thing about how falchion look like their scimitar. I would love a nicely curved scimitar, or maybe even a sickle.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Awesome. I have been looking for a new sword for my dark elf character, an this would be PERFECT! Well done, Caleb.

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