I suggest you ...

Make LARP legal traps

Such as, but not limited to:


Tripwire trap


Staffs of multiple sizes for your spear and halberd heads

Flail weapons

A limited edition Viking Style Dane axe

A limited edition Viking style set of weapons much like your elf style set of weapons, but Viking-Era

Vegan Viking style wolf hide/pelt along with a vegan Viking style wolf head

Realistic Viking Round Shield(s) of different styles and costs. For example: The King’s Shield would be something rather expensive, having a vegan leather strap for the wearer to carry the shield over their shoulder or back and would have a realistic “boss” in the center of the shield with more “rivets” to keep the shield “boss” in place. A lot of authentic detail into it.

Along with a limited edition, extremely rare Viking set of weapons (sword, axe and Dane axe).

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