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Make Chinese weapons

You currently aren't selling any Chinese-inspired weapons, though your Hangaku is quite close to a guandao (kwan dao) and with the addition of a Chinese-style tsuba could be a really unique Chinese-inspired weapon. However, I have some suggestions of some really amazing weapons you might want to try.

The Shang Dynasty Yue, or bronze battle-ax would be mounted on a haft similar in size to either the dane axe or to the Erik II ax. Several examples were found in the tomb of the great warrior queen Fu Hao. They can be really creatively cast and here are links to some examples:




Another really cool Chinese weapon found in the Qin dynasty with the terra-cotta army is the ge, or dagger-axe. They are mounted on hafts either the length of a naginata or as short as 1m long in earlier examples.
Historically, they were made of bronze or sometimes jade, which would be a cool material to play with for a LARP weapon.




Another really great idea would be to do a Han or Tang dynasty Dao, as they are quite similar to the katanas you're already selling, and so you could make them with just a different hilt design. Here's a good example of a Han dynasty ring-hilt dao.


Anyway, I'd very much love to see some or all of these made, as nobody is producing them, and I'm wanting to do a Shang dynasty-inspired character for a local game, but can't find any weapons for it.

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